AWOL: Air Water Or Land

Our Services to Partners

commercial B-Roll

Boost your media catalog with vibrate, cinematic, HD broadcast-quality video footage of location highlights, activities, lifestyle, and landmarks captured (B-roll footage) during filming. With full commercial rights to this footage, you are free to use for online content, broadcast campaigns, and more. Our team captures 60% or more of footage on super 35mm digital Cinema cameras at 10-bit, 4:2:2 in log color profiles in 1080p which meets most HD video specifications for TV and social media delivery.

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Our series first distribution partner is with Amazon Prime Video, reaching their 46+ million active subscribers globally, with subtitles in English. As the sole owners to distribution rights to the series, we are able to expand our reach with new distribution partners, both streaming and traditional TV networks, who can air AWOL, continually expanding exposure to your destination.

online Cross Promotion

Our team uses the following tools to promote your destinations throughout the AWOL online ecosystem.

  • Web exclusive content to drive viewers from episodes to more in depth info on the AWOL website

  • Shareable social media content

  • Press outreach for each episode of the series

  • SEO and Keyword placement to continue to boost your search engine ranking

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Season 2 Episode partnership Services & Pricing

Our crew of 3 is on location for 5 - 6+ days filming 1 - 2 activities Per day.



  • Location featured in a single episode on A.W.O.L.

  • 3 web highlight clips, hyperlinked and promoted on A.W.O.L.s YouTube channel and/or Facebook

  • Original blog/stories written on blog that include additional travel information featured on episode with SEO keyword optimization pointing to your destination

  • Photos and video clips sharing on Instagram and Facebook sharing your location


Press Release to all press contacts announcing partnership

  • Press Release to all press contacts during mid-season cycle

  • Announcement of partnership/filming/episode in email newsletter

  • Promote location partnership mid-season cycle in email newsletter

$14,000 + Hospitality, Lodging, Activity & Support




Full B-roll catalog with commercial rights in perpetuity
(delivered in approximately 14 weeks)
Technical specs of b-roll:
60% or more of b-roll footage is filmed at 1080p, 10 bit, 4:2:2, log

+ $5,000.00


Catalog of candid high resolution photographs taken during AWOL shoot, 40 + final edited images with commercial rights in perpetuity
(delivered in approximately 14 weeks)

+ $2,000.00