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Hyper focused on outdoor adventure travel, targeting millennials/multi-generational travelers, AWOL is the hottest new travel series headed to Amazon Prime in 2019. AWOL is not just about the host, it is about capturing genuine experiences, places, and the stories of those who call your destination home. We know AWOL will inspire viewers to travel to, document, and share their weekend trip or extended vacation in untapped locations. An episode of AWOL should feel familiar to long time visitors, locals, and resonate to newcomers first learning while watching our show.


Watch a sample of our intro and get excited to partner with us! 


Problems with Travel Media

  • Travel content is often TOO BROAD, making it impossible to speak directly to a niche of travel and their interests.

  • Lesser known destinations are often OVERLOOKED in travel media, favored by major travel landmarks and commercialized tourism areas.

  • Tried-and-true traditional travel shows are LACKING the new media styles that are prevalent in today’s social media-based habits of on-the-go millennials.



Narrowing in on the outdoor adventure travel market, we showcase the mix of activities, lodging and authentic local culture options that offer broader accessibly to travelers while allowing active, outdoor, adventure activities take the spotlight.


With the help of tourism boards, charismatic locals, tour operators, and outfitters, we divert from the traditional travelogue format and dive into the true essence of destinations, offering a local experience focused on the expectations of the modern traveling outdoor lover.  


Millennials are becoming the leading travel consumers – they rely heavily on research, booking trips online and social-media sharing. Amazon's Prime Video Streaming Channel, supplemental web content, cross platform marketing, press outreach, and social media content all drive travelers to look into your destination. 

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GROWING MARKET: Outdoor adventure travel is projected to grow over 40% annually now through 2020 and beyond. 

ECONOMICAL BOOST: Outdoor adventure travel tourism is a driving force in economical growth for many communities.  

EXPERIENCES: Global travelers are spending their money on experiences, and adventure travel is one of the most dynamic ways to achieve this. 

SHAREABILITY: Outdoor adventure travel offers a unique shareability on social media for travelers. Social media is one of the most powerful tools for organic marketing traffic.  



  • Sport Fishing

  • Orienteering

  • Off-Road Motorized sports

  • Camping

  • Research Expeditions


  • Hiking/Backpacking

  • Water sports

  • Horseback riding

  • Snow sports

  • Cycling

Very active

  • Paragliding / Wind Sports

  • Skydiving

  • Caving

  • Trekking

  • Climbing (mountain, rock, ice)



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Millennials are hyper-influenced by word-of-mouth and what they see on social media. Traveling more than any other generation in history, millennials are even boosting popularity of multi-generational travel. Although Millennials are our target, our content is relevant to Gen-X'ers, as well as active baby boomers who look to the outdoors for "bucket list" trips. 

As the largest generation since the baby boomers, millennials want to connect to others and the world in an authentic way. They push boundaries, map out their own itineraries, prioritize staying in local neighborhoods, and make choices of services or brands that align with their personal values.


What they're looking for

78% are looking for thrilling & active vacations, as opposed to lazy trips. 
78% want to learn something new, where 32% seek non-religious volunteer opportunities as apart of their vacations.
98% want to experience the local cuisine, yum! 


  • 60% Female - 40% Male

  • Ages 29 - 54

  • College Educated

  • Top Ranking Countries: USA, UK, Spain, Mexico & Central America

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Amazon Prime Video is a leading Movie & TV streaming services. Its 46+ million total active users helps Amazon Video ranks in the top 5 of all streaming networks.


Subscribers by Market(2017)

NORTH AMERICA: 31.8 Million
UK / EUROPE: 7.1 Million
Other: 6.2 Million
LATIN AMERICA: 1.5 Million

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Amazon Video User Viewing Habits


Search under, Outdoor Travel: First page hit
Reviews & Rating:
15 reviews, 5 star rating
Peak Watch Days:
Tuesday & Thursday
Most single day Views:
1,560 (Nov 7, 2018)

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RECENT Facebook Video Performance

AWOL videos produced and released for Facebook Video average the following organic views in the first week of publishing:  

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8,000 +

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Marketing strategy for each episode

Marketing our series doesn't just help the success of our series, it draws new viewers and potential travelers to learn about your area. 

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It's all a big ecosystem that works together. Not everyone will watch the show, and that's ok! The AWOL ecosystem is designed to capture all media digestion habits of travelers while directing them to your destination for potential future travel. Sometimes travelers view content on Instagram, watch one of our video clips on YouTube, or just read a articles on our website, and from that alone consider a trip to your area. Others will find something on Facebook, watch the episode/season 1, then look into your area for possible visits. No matter how they find you, they can and will find out about your location from AWOL.

We can also host contests or giveaways to continue to promote your location, and spread the word of the episode featuring your area at the same time.

Giveaways or Contests