AWOL: Air Water Or Land



Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a podcast that will air early 2020. Season 1 of the podcast will be 6 episodes with AWOL’s host, Angel having uncensored conversations with passionate outdoor players who are trying to make a difference in this outdoor, recreation, nature space.

Angel will be recording season 1 during is travels over the winter and we’re looking for exciting new people for him to meet and hear their story. With complete freedom to select guests as we see fit and to keep advocating for AWOLs mission to promote diversity (DEI), accessibility, and conversationalism, our podcast will feature guests who fall within more marginalized and underrepresented groups in the outdoor space and travel space and give them a platform to tell their story.

We’re giving preference to guests who fall under one or more of the following demographics and willing to openly and freely talk about various things related to this as well

  • Immigrants

  • People of color

  • Women

  • Veterans

  • LGBTQ+

  • People with physically limiting or server mental disabilities (and willing to talk about it freely)

  • People of non-western religions

  • People with trialing pasts (and willing to talk about it)

If you’d like to be a guest and know Angel will be visiting near you to record a episode while in town. Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch! Thanks so much for your consideration.

*Please note. Our podcast welcomes sponsors and guests who are business owners or reps/ambassadors of outdoor focused companies. However, our goal is to have authentic conversations with amazing people doing amazing things and avoid episodes to become 30 min long free promotional pieces. Thanks for your understanding.

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