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AWOL - Air Water Or Land, is a outdoor travel docuseries series that showcases truly tangible outdoor experiences, no matter if you're a seasoned thrill seeker or complete newcomer. Host, Angel Verde’s endearing personality and contagious love of the outdoors takes you through his adventures, and through the conversations with fellow outdoor lovers around the globe. On AWOL, you’ll join Angel on the road less traveled and try new experiences, flavors, and customs, and saying ‘yes’ to those unforgettable moments of spontaneity that only happen when we travel.

SEASON 1 - Episode Guide

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E1: Nelson County Virginia

In the series premiere, Angel hikes, climbs, bikes, and paddles his way through Nelson County Virginia, home to 4 seasons of family-friendly outdoor adventuring. Nelson County inspired the popular 1970's TV series, the Waltons, is the gateway to the Shenandoah Nation Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and has ample post-adventuring spots with its abundant local wine, beer, and spirits easily found along the scenic route 151.


E2: Charles Coouty MAryland

In this patch of Southern Maryland along the Potomac River, Angel explores Charles County's deep connection to the water. He kayaks through one of the worlds largest collection of shipwrecks and even has a run-in with the military. Along the way, Angel learns about the passion natives have for protecting and preserving the ample wildlife and natural habitats that live within the Counties borders.


e3: Northeast

Angel visits Northeast Tennessee, a region packed with outdoor adventures, thriving downtowns and urban outdoor meccas you can experience on bikes, by foot, or by boat. Along the way, Angel meets with passionate locals who share with him their stories and love for the outdoors. He even tells a story of his own of his newfound love for this patch of Appalachian.


e4: The Road Trip Episode

In the season finale, Angel hits the road on a old fashion road trip. He travels north to Washington DC and explores some lesser traveled adventure spots inside the beltway, and smack dab in the middle of the city. He then finishes his trip on Virginia’s Eastern Shore on the island of Chincoteague. Famous for the wild ponies, but he focuses on learning why locals love living on Island time.


Season 2

It’s official! AWOL will return for another season in 2020!


Angel "David" Verde, was born in the capital city of Honduras. He immigrated to the United States at a young age with his older sister and mother, moving to coastal South Carolina and later to a small mountain town in Virginia.

Travel was a luxury for his family growing up, leaving most travel to day trips within an hour's drive of home.

This sparked Angel's lifelong passion for the outdoors, though - a place open and free to everyone, where all he needed was some water and a packed lunch, and he was left with endless miles of forest, trails, nearby rivers, and streams to explore.

In addition to being an avid outdoorsman, Angel is also a veteran who served for 6 years in the U.S. Air Force, doing 3 tour in the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Meet the production team behind AWOL

Angel’s THoughts

On Traveling…

On The Outdoors

Angel never claims to be a traveling expert, just one fortunate guy who happens to travel a lot for his line of work and has learned a thing or two. Because of his modest upbringing he is quite frugal when traveling, which often leads him to discover some of the more genuine sides of towns, cities, and roadside stops far from tourist centers while simultaneously gravitating toward the outdoor offerings that destinations hold.

He loves to fly but will tell you, there is no better way to see the world than by backroads in a car or by walking the streets of any town or city with no agenda other than to get lost. He knows the best food is often in no frills holes in the wall, the best music is often played in back yards, and the connections you make with people in the outdoors are the most authentic you’ll ever experience. This is what draws him to nature and why he shares it to the world through AWOL.

Angel credits his early love for the outdoors to his mother, who took him on hikes or to swim at the nearby river almost weekly. He joined the Scouts which afforded him the opportunity to go camping regularly and try new activities he would have otherwise never been able to afford to try due to cost or equipment needed. He also credits the many mentors that came through his life that taught him various outdoor skills. Angel has always given back in any way he can, from introducing adults and youth to different activities, advocating to local governments and the community for more outdoor recreation amenities and resources, and educating the due diligence of being mindful outdoor travelers who respect nation and do what they can to leave places better than we found them.