Meet our award winning CAST AND CREW

Showrunner - Host - Co-creator

Angel "David" Verde is the showrunner, host, executive producer and co-creator of AWOL. To learn more about Angel “David” Verde, you can read his bio here.


Creative director and GRAPHIC DESIGNER - Co-Creator

Brian Yohn is an award winning art director, graphic designer and artist based in Blacksburg, Virginia. He is AWOL's creative director, graphic designer, and visual graphics artist, as well as the co-creator of the series. Brian is always coming up with new ideas and learning new ways to create art both professionally and personally, making him one of the most innovative designers you can work with. He has even begun to pass along and nourish the same passion for art to his son (and now his daughter as well) with his "Benji & Daddy Workshop" project, where they explore creative collaboration, learning, and teaching each other. Brian is a lover of European cars like Volkswagen, Audi, and Volvo as well as vintage 10-speed bicycles, single speed track bikes, and other fast and fun 2-wheeled bicycles.  



David Franusich is an award winning commercial photographer and videographer based in Blacksburg, Virginia. His highly creative spirit and technical know-how make him the visual mastermind behind the camera, capable of telling captivating visual stories and narratives.  In his spare time, he enjoys he enjoy traveling with his wife, their dog and family members, trying different micro-brewed beers, doing Crossfit, and going on hikes and backpacking trips. 


Production Manager

Lauren Fulton brings over 11 years of experience in documentary television, feature film, and commercial and news production to her role as AWOL’s production manager. She currently splits her time between Blacksburg and New York City, where she works as a producer on both short and longform documentary productions. In all her creative endeavors, she’s driven to build lasting relationships with clients and let the content and characters reveal the story. She comes to AWOL as an avid outdoor enthusiast whose hobbies include hiking, kayaking, and travel photography.



Emily Barker is our jubilant PR & social media manager. She first interned directly for David Verde while attending Virginia Tech (who she insists on always calling Angel).  She has since worked for firms in the security and technology industry overseeing press relations, event planning, social media strategies and management. Emily is a proud Hokie, loves Oreo Cookies, and makes a point to visit Disney World as often as possible. 


Co- Creator

Christina O’Connor Franusich is an award winning commercial photographer based in Blacksburg, Virginia. She is a co-creator of AWOL and was a key player in the development of the series, as well as the Director of Photography and managing editor for the pilot episode.