A.W.O.L. | Travel TV

Marketing strategy for each episode

Marketing our series doesn't just help the success of our series, it draws new viewers and potential travelers to learn about your area. 

Traditional Media Press Approach: Traditional press and news outlets continues to be one of the most powerful ways gain a organic and authentic buzz, which is why we dedicate at least 10% of our baseline production budget and roughly 40 + working hours by our PR and marketing team to promote and spread the word for each and every single episode of our series. We submit stories to regional/state news near your location, national and international news publications, print media, travel blogs and travel websites, and look for guest opportunities by our host on podcasts, radio programs, TV talk shows and news programs. 

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Instagram: Roughly 3 - 4 posts during the initial season 1 - Episode push will be made (over about 10 days), images and short videos all featuring your location., promoting your episode. Following that, we'll continue to post images via Instagram to promote your location and it's episode throughout the next 12 months. We also start sharing content captured while on locating filming the episode in your area which starts promoting your locating to our followers months ahead of the reason of the airing of the episode feauring your location. 


Facebook: We use Facebook to share website updates, episode updates, exclusive behind the scenes, location/episode previews, or extended segments with "not seen on TV" video content. 

YouTube: Same as Facebook, we release fun behind the scenes, extended segments, and the long version of our sustainable/give-back/Do-Go segment.

The AWOL Website: We use airwaterorland.com to write blog posts, photo essays, share trip itineraries, info on all the restaurants, outfitters, tour operators, lodging, etc.. featured on your episode. These blog posts provide powerful Keyword SEO items boosting your locations searchability to travelers and provide organic website traffic to your website and episode partners.

Paid Digital Marketing: Our paid digital marketing budget within our baseline production budget is limited to funds reminding following all costs required to complete production of each episode. Future advertising sponsors allow us to increase our over all paid digital marketing budget for each season. Location partners can also add dedicated marketing funds for the AWOL team as a à la carte add-on of a $1,000.00 minimum used across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Adwords/AdSense, or press wires.

Evergreen Cross promotional Marketing Tools: For each episode, we will share a online folder with downloadable assets, promotion images, promotional trailer video clips for Instagram/Facebook/YouTube, which are evergreen to cross promote your episode among all parties and partners of the episode featuring your location on AWOL.