AWOL changing from outdoor focus to all about food! (April 1, 2019)


You heard right. In a unexpected last minute change mid-production, AWOL host, Angel, says the show will now be about food.


In a completely unexpected change this week, AWOL - Air Water Or Land, is changing the shows focus from the outdoors to the kitchen and making everything about food. 

AWOL's host and showrunner, Angel Verde, stated, "I was eating a slice of pizza the other day and realized, I eat food every day, Sometimes 3 times or more! I only get to go do cool outdoor stuff maybe, 2 or 3 times a week, but food, food is my life!."

Verde continues stating on how this will be the next, big, completely original, never done before idea. "I'm pretty sure this will be a first, 100% original, never done on a streaming channel kind of concept. Who is even doing food shows? Surely people don't travel just to eat. Do people even post pictures of food on Instagram? I haven't seen any if so. This is going to be a good decision for everyone."

The series will still be called AWOL - But instead of it representing the outdoors by Air, Water, or Land, it will represent Air, Water, or Land animals commonly found at the dinner table.  

The newly formatted series will premiere on Prime Video on June 10th. Prime Video has already cleared the series for a second season which will begin production late summer, 2019. 

In Other News!!!

Only two things were actually true in the paragraph above. 

AWOL will premiere on June 10th on Prime Video, and we are in fact beginning filming season 2 later this summer. 

Happy April fools everyone! Adventure On. (In the outdoors ;-D )

Angel Verde