Four Latinx Outdoor Organizations and Influencers You Should Be Following.

Angel might be one of the few Latino travel stars on TV, but he isn’t the only Latinx trying to bring diversity to the outdoor community. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we want to highlight 4 organizations and influencers who are diversifying the great outdoors.


1)   Latino Outdoors

Latino Outdoors is a fast-growing Latino-led organization working to create a community for outdoor enthusiast and conservationism. Check out their blog and Instagram feed which are full of proud members sharing their experiences and stories from outdoor adventures.

Kim Rodriguez from Latinas Running Participates in a Race

Kim Rodriguez from Latinas Running Participates in a Race

2)   Latinas Running

Latinas Running is a running group meant to promote diversity and positivity one mile at a time. Founded by Kimberly Rodriguez, the Instagram page features advice, accountability challenges, and a space for diverse runners to share their stories.

From Eric Arce’s Instagram

From Eric Arce’s Instagram

3)   Eric Arce

Eric Arce is a standalone influencer on this list. He’s a mountain bike enthusiast and freelance photographer who uses his page to share his page to share his photographs and adventures. Mountain biking still lacks diversity so it’s amazing and inspiring to see a Latinx out there shredding gnar!


4) Latino Conservation Week

Latino Conservation Week is an initiative of the Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF). Latino Conservation Week was created to support the Latino community getting into the outdoors and participating in activities to educate about protecting our natural resources with events hosted by various organizations and agencies throughout the country. It also provides an opportunity for Latinos to show their support for permanently protecting our air, water, or land. :-)


These are just a few of our favorite Latinx outdoor organizations and influencers at AWOL, but there are so many out there. We hope to continue to diversify the outdoors one episode at a time.